Bitchy Moms Create Facebook Group Talking Shit About Fugly Babies

Yeah this is actually true, and absolutely ridculous. There's a bunch of Mean Moms who feel it is their right under the first amendment to talk shit about ugly and disabled babies. While I'm all for talking shit, I'm a true believer in fairness. If you're going to talk shit about someone, at least make it about someone who can fight back. Like why target babies…they can't even talk. They can only shit. 

While the page has been since deleted, here are a few screen shots of the threads. My favorite is when one mom gets really excited that this group exists and wants to get drinks to delve into which baby got the fug gene. 

The comments on the next two are amazing: 

“But why?” 

“No words” 

It's just like, since when have moms figured out how to post pictures online let alone USE facebook. Just go to spin. LEAVE THE BABIES ALONE. 



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