Turns Out Bill O'Reilly Is An Even Bigger Shitbag Than We Thought

Here’s some not surprising news: Bill O’Reilly is a garbage bag of a human being. Besides looking like every gross old man that your mom tells you to avoid at neighborhood parties, he actually is that gross old man that coworkers tell you to avoid at, like, your fucking job.

In a series of equally not-surprising scandals at Fox News, it’s now been reported by The New York Times and the Washington Post (not fake news!) that Good Ole’ Bill secretly settled one of six (SIX!!!) sexual harassment allegations with a network contributor for $32 million – which is a fuck ton of money, even by serial sexual harassement standards. But did that stop Fox News from renewing his contract? Of course not. Literally why would it? 

The victim, legal commentator, Lis Wiehl, alleged O’Reilly repeatedly harassed her and engaged in “a nonconsensual sexual relationship” with her. According to Wiehl, O’Reilly sent her gay pornography and “other sexually explicit material,” which is like the old people version of random dick pics. Either way, that’s fucking nasty and way, way illegal.

That’s right, gentlemen, it is illegal to randomly email porn to your coworkers. Set a reminder in your phone or something so that you don’t forget! Apparently a lot of you are…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, O’Reilly was let go from his job at Fox News after a very casual 6 sexual harassment scandals and settlements were exposed. This settlement is so far the largest of the bunch, making it the most damning for both Fox News and O’Reilly. Like, is keeping a sexual harasser on your staff really worth $32 million? Was The O’Reilly Factor really that good? Probs not. 

Of course, though Shitbag Bill (new nickname!) claims that he is the victim and that this is also lamestream media lies, his empty AF pockets tell an entirely different story. *Whispers* One of toxic masculinity that endangers and belittles women in the workplace. Mmmmbye!

BILL: It’s one sexual harassment suit, Michael, what could it cost? 32 Million dollars?


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