Bill Nye Thinks Aliens Are Real

If anyone made you care about science in middle school, it was probably Bill Nye The Science Guy. Half of the shit he does on his show is totally cringe-worthy and obnoxious, but having the substitute teacher play a video about volcanoes was obviously better than having to do real work. Well, Bill just did an interview where he said that extraterrestrial life “has gotta exist” outside our solar system. He did some quick calculations and said that with over a trillion stars in the universe, there’s like no way we got lucky enough to be the only planet with life. 

I didn’t do that well in high school bio, but it pretty much seems like whatever Bill Nye says goes. I don't know, but I’m very inclined to trust a man that wears a bowtie every day of his life. I guess it’s not that crazy to think that there’s life somewhere else in our universe, but we all just have to hope that Interstellar was completely fictional and that Anne Hathaway will have nothing to do with saving our planet.


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