Bill Belichick Checks Out Chrissy Teigen’s Ass

Bill Belichick is up to no good off the football field, again. This time, it's for his wandering eye. Billy, you dog you.

At the annual White House correspondents dinner, Chrissy Teigen (no surprise) was a total babe.

And everyone around her seemed to notice, including former betch of the week Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots head coach, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, were both caught staring at Chrissy's bootylicious backside.

After closer examination, it appears that everyone in the picture is staring at Chrissy's butt, including Wiscondin Badger basketball player Frank Kaminsky (the awkwardly tall guy creeping in the background).

In classic Chrissy fashion, she took to Twitter to defend her famous friends.



She is perfect.


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