Bikini Bridges Are Accidentally The New Thigh Gap

In case you haven't heard or are not thin enough to have one yourself, the bikini bridge is the new thigh gap. If you're all like, WTF is a bikini bridge? this is what it looks like.

Look familiar? [Side Note: Yes, there is actually an instagram devoted to bikini bridges already. Clearly people are keeping their resolutions to be more productive in 2014.]

Now it's not enough to just have collarbones that protrude past your chin, skinny arms that indicate you may have been raised in an African village, or a triangle between your thighs that can fit the pyramids of fucking Giza, but you must also be able to create a large enough gap between your hip bones and your bikini while lying down (on a private beach, obvi) to achieve the bikini bridge holy grail.

So like I'm pretty sure I've had a stomach since I was born, and I'm pretty sure I always wanted it to be flat, yet now you give this trend a name and I have to work on a particular gap from a particular angle. I mean, I was just working on my collarbone protrusions and now you're moving the goal AGAIN? What's next, the skinny upper lip crease? The anorexic earlobe?

Anyway, the best part of this story is how the whole idea was meant to be a hoax by the users of a site called 4chan (read: internet nerds) to see if they could make it go viral. Meanwhile, all they had to do was ask us and we would've said FUCKING DUH. 

Source: Buzzfeed


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