Big Surprise: Kylie And Tyga Get Even More Public After Her 18th Birthday

In case the Ferrari Tyga gave Kylie for her 18th birthday didn’t make things crystal clear, the couple is indeed a couple. They exhibited some classic beachy PDA in Mexico after her LA party. The pair was spotted jet-skiing together and lounging on a yacht with some of Kylie's teenage friends.

Now that Kylie’s finally legally not a child and not under Kris Jenner's jurisdiction, she and her 25 year old man, “Rack City” singer Tyga, are free to roam around in public. It may just be me, but I'm pretty sure Kylie could do a lot better. In addition to looking like a pouty thumb, Tyga just up and left his family for the then 17 year old, which is not only desperate but incredibly creepy. Kylie and her appropriated corn rows could do a lot better.


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