Why The Big Bang Theory Is The Worst Show Ever

What do you get when you take four nerdy guys, one painfully unfortunate-looking girl, one girl who sounds like she’s always breathing helium, one hot chick, and a whole slew of undeserved Emmys? The fucking Big Bang Theory.

There is so much I can’t stand about this show, so buckle up your seatbelts cause we’re in for a long ride. First let’s talk about the characters. Actually, let’s just talk about how much Sheldon sucks. He is so obnoxious; why would you spend a half hour watching his character on TV when you could just hang out with that kid from calc who reminds the professor when he forgets to assign homework? The only thing more nauseating than hearing Sheldon’s voice are the forced “love connections” between the characters. On one hand, you have Amy who’s completely oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend is probably a high-functioning sociopath who lacks empathy and does not even know how to give a fuck about her. Then on the other hand you have Penny and Leonard. The one hot, normal girl falling for the chubby, ugly, neurotic Jewish guy? Lol, good one CBS.

I could maybe excuse these things if the show was actually funny. But it’s not. That show tries harder to be funny than T-Swift tries to not dance awkwardly. Please note that both fail miserably in their attempts. It’s honestly just sad. Can anybody tell me a time they actually laughed at The Big Bang Theory? No? Nobody? Then somebody please tell me why the fuck it’s still on the air? 

And to all of you who are like, “Wow for someone who hates The Big Bang Theory so much you seem to watch a lot of it,” all of this aforementioned stuff I picked up on from like three episodes. Suck it, commenters.


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