This New Fashion Site Basically Lets You Buy Clothes for Free

Things I hate: messy sales racks, my overstuffed closets, having nothing to wear despite my overstuffed closets, and low balance alerts from Chase. Things I love: when my friend texts me that she heard about a website called Bib and Tuck that solves all of the above, like literally. I’ll explain.

While you’d normally empty your closets by giving your amazing clothes to charity because tis a far better thing doing stuff for other people and because it’s way easier than actually figuring out how to use eBay, if a website came along that made it so much easier to sell your stuff online, but then exchange it for even more amazing stuff, we all know which route you’d take.

Enter Bib and Tuck, where you can seamlessly post what you want to sell on their site, use the shipping label they provide to send it out to the luckiest person ever who’s about wear your clothes and then with the money you make you can shop the endless choices they have on their site. You can even shop from the closets of really cool featured stylists and chic fashion bloggers. Or you can always just cash out. I MEANNN.

Here’s the best part. Not only have we picked our fave items for you to shop but we’re also doing a giveaway contest where one lucky betch can win up to $300! Enter HERE. You may have liked your Sketchers in 1999, but you will love that someone is wiling to buy your Prada backpack in 2014.


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