Beyonce’s New Song Is Your New Blackout Anthem


Beyonce released a new music video this weekend, but because America is not-so-low-key a fucking mess right now nobody GAF – this is why betches don't keep up with the news, because when you do you miss out on important shit. It's for her new song 7/11, and it's the holiday pre-game anthem you didn't know you needed. The lyrics are the musings of a betch on her way to blackout, and the dance moves are how you wished you looked when dancing in your underwear on Wine Wednesdays.

Part of me really wants to think she got drunk and had one of her assistants film her dancing. But like I know a thing or two about Beyonce's level of self-involvement (hint, it's higher than James Franco at the Oscars), so it's safe to assume this was directed by Solange's new husband and filmed like a blockbuster movie. Regardless, this will for sure be playing at whatever weird, drunk high school reunion you're at this Wednesday night.

Here are the betchiest lyrics:

Hold that cup like alcohol/Don't you drop that alcohol/Never drop that alochol/I know you thinking about alcohol

I'm sweating out my blow out

I'm fresher than you

Smack that, clap, clap, clap/Like you don't care/I know you care



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