Beyonce Releases New Album & World Goes Crazy

Uhhh surprise? Beyonce released an entire new album without warning a soul. Seriously I was just googling the other day when her next album would be and the internet had no idea. Am I psychic? 

Anyway, the album is named after none other than herself, Beyonce. Queen Bey released 17 new songs AND 17 new videos, featuring locations from Dallas to Brazil. In other words, a fuckton of work. When she found the time to do this between the Mrs. Carter Tour, her HBO documentary of mirror selfies, birthing an icon, traveling to Cuba, and showing face at the Barclays Center, we have no clue. Also, everyone in the English speaking world collaborated on this album, from Jay Z (duh), to Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Drake and even Blue Ivy (girl did like 80% of the work). 

Here are some of the video previews below. I haven't listened to everything, but so far I love what I hear. Do you betches like Bey's new album? Do you want us to review it?




Source: Daily Mail


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