Did She Really Just Instagram That: Beyonce Photoshops her Thighs!

Tsk Tsk Bey. I've always thought her relationship with Kim Kardashian was one sided, like where Kimye just like kept telling everyone they were besties with BeyZ until the King and Queen just accepted it. But now it looks as if Beyonce is taking notes from Kim, and shitty ones at that. Look at this horribly photoshopped pic Beyonce instagrammed of herself golfing with a not so casual thigh gap

I can't decide what is worse, her thighs or that botched photoshop job. And then she continues to post yet another pic of herself, where her thighs are magically “healthier.”

BUT WAIT, yet again, something looks weird. If you stare at this pic for an extra 4 seconds, which who wouldn't because, Beyonce, you'll see she totally photoshopped the back of her leg. Like, wtf. Was Blue playing drawing with celeb-friends on Mom's iphone and accidentally hit instagram? Bey, we've seen your legs before, we've all been to your concerts! …And seen the fucking videos you forced us to watch of you in your “visual album.” Celebrities, they're not just like us because if we were to photoshop ourselves we'd never do something so obvious. Pretty must really hurt. 


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