Beyonce and Kim K Run Into Each Other At The Dermatologist And We’re Writing It Up As a News Story

Radar reports in this morning's Klassy Kardashian news that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce ran into each other at the dermatologist's office in Beverly Hills and Kim K was like “I heard Beyonce was getting Botox and fillers so I got Botox and fillers”. Because Botox and fillers is such a unique procedure that no one else in Hollywood gets, we can only assume Kim K has a Helga Pataki style gum statue of Beyonce in her closet that she prays to and kisses everyday.

We also heard that they had to endure an awkward stop and chat, with Queen Bey having to pretend to give a shit about how North is doing and Kim attempting to be BFF with Beyonce in order to (shocker) elevate her celeb status. Honestly, this story is so fucking stupid that I'm sorry for telling everyone about it at Barnes & Noble and I'm sorry for repeating it now. It's been a slow news day betches. Here's to hoping we've entertained you…


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