Betchy New Words Have Finally Been Added To Dictionary

Just when you thought dictionaries were as irrelevant as Von Dutch hats, Mashable tells us that the following words have officially been added to the dictionary:

  • Twerk
  • Emoji
  • Selfie
  • FOMO
  • TLDR
  • Srsly

Srsly!?! I'm so happy that the dctnry has finally decided to modernize. Not only that, but TLDR (which literally means 'too long, didn't read') is the epitome of laziness efficiency, probably inspired by #21 abbrevs. I can't believe the are finally legitimizing a word that means 'I'm too lazy to read your boring shit so make it fucking shorter.' (Maybe can be achieved by taking the vowels out of words like 'seriously'). Whatevs, I can't wait until autocorrect stops changing this shit on me. 


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