Betchy Linguistics: YASSSS

Exaggerating shit comes as second nature to betches. The things that give us anxiety or make us think “the struggle is real” are issues other people roll their eyes at. Well, these people are probably fugly and their iPhones don’t die at 2 in the afternoon because the only person texting them is their mom. Lions (betches) don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep (losers).

With this undying love for exaggeration comes the birth of the term “YASSSSS.” This can be used in a variety of ways that show just how passionate we are about certain nonsensical shit.

1.  Instagram likes

“YASSSSS I finally made it to 300. TG that my arm looks ten times skinnier than Laura’s in the pic, she’s a stupid whore for trying to steal my good side.”  Because nothing gets a betch going more than beating her previous record on insta likes.

2. Finding out the pregame got moved from your frenemy’s house to your BFF’s

Now you won’t have to pretend you like that little piece of shit despite the fact that she tries to recreate all your old outfits and once tried making out with your back burner bro. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but YASSSSS.

3. Finally seeing your college friends after being apart all summer

All you will hear on campus for the first few days of fall semester will be a continuous stream of  “YASSSSS.”

4. Dancing on any sort of elevated surface

“YASSSS I love climbing up on this table surrounded by my hot friends. I look the hottes though, right? Shit, these heels are not meant for this….”

5. Casually agreeing with something someone just said (that you really didn’t give a shit about)

What better way to appease that rambling friend than with a nice simple “YASSS.” She probably uses the term to show her exaggerated emotion for shit she cares about so there’s no way she will suspect you of not giving a fuck.

This half shouted/half spoken phrase will be heard from a betch’s mouth countless times throughout the day. Showing emotion requires doing so much unnecessary work so we just up our voice a couple octaves and drag out the word in order to create the illusion of caring. YASS, betch, YASSSSSSS.


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