Betchy Linguistics: LIGAS (Like I Give A Shit)

Clearly, the term “YOLO” has been horribly degraded by society to a sad point of no return. Once a semi-interesting Drake line, it is now primarily being used as a justification for being a fat ass. “Should I get TWO orders of fries?!…YOLO!” Like no, just because you have one life to live doesn’t mean you should consume as much as humanly possible during it.

Anyways, fear not, because unless you’re hanging out with racially confused seventh graders, you hopefully won’t have to hear this term that often. There is a much better, and betchier, acronym around to satisfy your need to abbrev.


Pronounced /lie-gus/, this term stands for “Like I Give A Shit,” and it’s literally everything. LIGAS is the perfect way to tell the world you don’t care about something, but more importantly, that even the THOUGHT of you caring about that thing is amusing. You’re just so much better than that. Duh.

Let’s use it in a few examples:

1) Keeping your sorority’s priorities straight:

“Just came in dead last at Greek Week but LIGAS because CEOs and Office Hoes is tonight!! Start getting ready girls!”

2) Being rich:

“This is my fourth time Ubering today but LIGAS. Dad’s credit card def doesn’t care.”

3) Overall not caring about dumb shit:

“A new episode of Mistresses is on after the Bachelorette! Oh wait, LIGAS.”

You might be thinking this acronym is interchangeable with DGAF, another great piece of betch vocabulary, but these are both very nuanced phrases. If a betch DGAF about something, she’s basically just implying that that specific thing does not elicit fucks. LIGAS, on the other hand, is more of an exclamation. It’s a celebration of the fact that you can’t possibly give a shit because you’re just THAT fabulous. Perfect, right?

I have high hopes for LIGAS and its ability to enhance betchy conversation everywhere. I just really hope that annoying people don’t ruin it. Like, if you use LIGAS as a reason to eat a cheeseburger, I will hate you and def give zero shits about it.


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