Betchy Hero Mindy Kaling Wrote Another Book

Everyone’s favorite diva Mindy Kaling followed her bestseller Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me (And Other Concerns) with a new collection of essays Why Not Me? The book aims to answer the hardhitting questions posed in the first. Is everyone hanging out with Mindy? How many celebrity names was she able to drop in her new book? We have answers.

Here’s the deal: essentially, if you liked her first book, you’ll probably like the second. It’s the same voice, but the content is more mature. And she does in fact tell many stories of celebrity encounters  (without names, the betch). She keeps it real and talks about what it really takes to look good on screen. Yes, she does spray tan. Yes, she obsessively tailors shit.

Mindy’s second book isn’t about trying to get everyone to like her, it’s more about… being herself. And work. And adult-y things that happened after she wrote the first book in her twenties.

Obviously we support her in all her wardrobe choices and literary endeavors, so we support this. And we can forgive the cliche inspirational title because it’s a fuck ton better than Lean In. Lean in to what, Sheryl? What are you even talking about?

Mindy offers a light dose of advice, a light dose of humor and a dollop of #112 talking about herself and getting paid for it. In the words of 2005 Pilton, or Paris Hilton, loves it.


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