Betch’s Underwire Saves Her From Being Shot

While those of us in the Tiny Titty Committee know that summer is the number one season for going braless, you might want to think twice before heading outside in only a bandeau (even though you look chic as fuck).

Last week a 41 Year Old German woman was on a bike ride with her husband (cute) when they stumbled into the middle of a boar hunt (wtf). Luckily, this bike riding betch had strapped herself the fuck in with an underwire/sportsbra combo that was supposed to just protect her from jiggling all over Hamburg but ultimately DEFLECTED A STRAY BULLET AND SAVED HER LIFE.

Damn. I'd literally love to know which Victoria's Secret line has these incredible properties. Angel? Body? There's no fucking way it's PINK.

Either way, betches beware — that bralette from Urban may be cute, but will it save your life?


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