Betchocracy 2012: Harold and Kumar go to White House

Today in campaign news that you need to know, we're going to talk about celebs who we think endorse both candidates. People are wondering if former BOTW Nicki Minaj is supporting MItt Romney due to her lyrics on Lil Wayne's new mixtape, Dedication 4. The lyrics state “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy.” We like the extent to which Nicki is #2 not keeping up with the news and I have to say that any kind of collusion between a pink haired rapper from Trinidad and Republican BYU grad Willard Romney would be fucking hysterical and we'd love to see it.  Read article >>

Speaking of brown people who support candidates, this video shows Obama calling up Kumar from Harold and Kumar while he and Harold are watching TV, supposedly getting high, and eating a lot of pizza. While moderately amusing, come on Barry, you could've done better. Though we fully support your urging American youth to #36 not do any work, this isn't even that funny, and we also somehow doubt that the stoner vote is up in the air for you (aside from the self-proclaimed 'higher than a motherfucker' Minaj). Anyway, Kumar will be hosting the web version of the democratic national convention so like, if Keeping up With the Kardashians isn't on that day or you're out of Hills reruns to watch, why not check it out.  Read article>>



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