The Betchiest Signs From The Women’s Marches

This weekend, bad-ass women all over the world marched to prove that we’re not going anywhere, and it was awesome. While the girl power was inspirational all around, we also got some much needed laughs from some of the incredible signs. Here are some of the baddest betches that were out marching.

Brb, pouring one out for all the betches with Resting Bitch Face.

Yas queen.

Rihanna didn’t even need a sign to kill the game.

This is our desired level of effort.

Harsh, but probably accurate.

Yeah, Melania does not look excited for the next four years.

Is this lady actually Mary Poppins? Real question.

Betchy in any language.

It’s just the rules.

We’ve always been terrified of The Joker.

It’s hard out her for a witch.

There’s always time for a Regina George reference.

And another Mean Girls sign for good measure.


Mic drop.