Betches x Inked by Dani Summer Tattoo Collection Is Out!

We have teamed up with Inked by Dani, a line of hand-drawn temporary tattoo designs, to create the coolest summer accessory out there. These temporary tattoos are perfect for the betch whose summer plans include music festivals, day parties, the beach, the pool, and all around being chic. Check out our three exclusive packs: the Fourth pack, the Mini Betch pack, and the Good Vibes pack. When you finally realize you need them all, pick up the pack of all three

The Fourth Pack 

The perfect fourth of July outfit. Nothing says ‘Murica like Star Spangled Hammered.

The Fourth Pack $12.00

The Mini Betch Pack

This pack is for the ultimate betch, aka you. Say “fuck off” in a girly heart kinda way or rock the weed leaves to work. You’re a betch, you do what you want. 

Mini Betch Pack $12.00

The Good Vibes Pack 

For the stoner betch in all of us. This pack features all the psychedelic tats you need, like the stoned smiley or the red lips, which you’ll totally trip out over when you’re high af and don’t realize they’re fake.

The Good Vibes Pack $12.00

If you are just as obsessed with them as us, get the pack of all three for $32. Now, go get Inked


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