Our Winky Lux Pills Are Back Just In Time For Fall

Stop whatever Insta stalking you’re doing (her highlights are probably fake) because Betches is launching a brand new pill box set in collaboration with Winky Lux and it’s on sale NOW at Shop Betches. Yes, this is exactly the pick-me-up your shitty Tuesday needed (other than the bottle of rosé you have in your fridge, but we can’t deliver that to your office).

We’ve created 4 shades all in our classic pills—that was a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. Any betch knows that lipstick works just as well as medicine to save a rough night from the brink of death. The pills come in sets of two per box, so think shades that take you from day to night…or pregame to club. Much like your love life, the Chill and Happy Pills come in one box and the Love and Crazy Pills comes in another box. These amaze matte lipsticks stay on no matter how many vodka sodas you’ll be drinking, and unlike SOME matte lipsticks, they don’t dry out your lips (*glares at Kylie*). 

Shop Betches X Winky Lux Pill Box

But let’s be honest: You know you want all four shades. So pull out your dad’s credit card and buy our Mega Pill Box Set. It comes with both boxes—so duh, you get all four pills—a complimentary glitter balm, and it all comes in a holographic makeup bag that Zenon the Girl of the 21st Century would kill for. You’re fucking welcome.

Winky Lux Mega Pill Box

Oh and by the way, that glitter balm reacts to your skin’s PH levels and gives you a clear, glossy finish—a big round of applause to whatever scientist figured that out.

Glitter Balm

So instead of putting on yet another coat of whatever mediocre Chapstick you’re using, go buy the pill box sets and love yourself a little bit.