Everything You Missed At The Betches Who Brunch Comedy Tour

You may have played a prank on your friends on April Fool’s Day on Saturday, but if you missed our Betches Who Brunch Comedy Tour, the only person you played was yourself. Thousands of betches in 7 cities across the country showed up and sat laughed with us over brunch while a bunch of hilarious comedians performed. We also were introduced to the wonder that is Tim Tam biscuits, chocolate biscuits from Australia that may or may not be responsible for our five pound weight gain in the past 48 hours. But whatever, they’re from the country that brought us the Hemsworth brothers, so how bad could they be really?

Anyway, if you missed the comedy brunch, just know that we’re forever judging you and you missed out. But because we’re like, such good friends, we made a recap video so you can watch it and immediately kick yourself because you’re dying of FOMO. Or if you went, watch the recap video and soak up the awesomeness of the comedy brunch. 

Special thanks to Tim Tam biscuits for partnering with us and the awesome gift bags! Check out some photos from the shows across the country:

Betches Who Brunch


The Betches
The Betches
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