We Partnered With Your Favorite Phone Accessory To Give Back To The Community

When it comes to the world of phone accessories, Popsockets is one of the only companies making a product that is both affordable and a complete game-changer. I know I’m not the only one who would always have a completely shattered phone if it wasn’t for my trusty PopGrip stuck to the back. The good people at PopSockets have saved me from many costly trips to the Apple store, and now they’re giving back to the community, too.

With their new Poptivism program, PopSockets is partnering with us to bring you some betchy AF limited-edition designs, and every purchase helps a good cause. Through this program, we are proud to support the Lower East Side Girls Club. The LESGC is an amazing organization that works to break the cycle of poverty by training the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and environmental leaders. Girls Club members overcome adversity, perceive opportunity, develop self-confidence, make ethical decisions and healthy life choices, thrive academically, embrace leadership, and have the ability to enter college or the workforce as fully prepared and connected adults. Basically, the LESGC is an amazing cause, and 50% of each limited-edition Betches grip purchase goes directly to support their work.

Supporting the Lower East Side Girls Club is a total no-brainer, and so are the four special PopGrip designs that we came up with just for you. You can get matching ones with your entire friend group, or buy one of each and assign them based on individual personalities. They’re the perfect accessory to help you get a grip andgive back, which is what really matters. They’re also only $15 each, so think about whether you’d rather have one overpriced cocktail, or buy something cool that will last a long time, and that also helps kids. Yeah, I thought so.

Click here to learn more about Betches x Poptivism and buy your limited-edition grip right now.

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer has watched over 1000 episodes of Real Housewives because he has his priorities in order. Follow him on Instagram @dylanhafer and Twitter @thedylanhafer for all the memes you could ever want.