Betches Love This Show: 'Teachers'

Ah yes, winter has returned, or as we like to call it: TV season. If you played yourself and wasted most of your binge material too early this season, we’ve got you covered with a show you’ll probz really like. We do. We like it so much, we partnered with TV Land to bring you this important announcement ahead of the new season, premiering tonight at 10/9c on TV Land. You’re welcome.


So, despite its name, Teachers is not just for teachers. Like, imagine if you and all your best friends just happened to be teachers. Would you talk about last night’s hookup while on recess duty? Yes. Whine about the kids in your classes? Oh definitely. Would you have a definitive mental ranking of the hottest dads? You betcha. See, the Teachers are just like you, only, TBH, way funnier.

As long as you were educated on planet Earth, you probably had an elementary school experience. You likely had an anti-climactic picture day; an awkward sex ed class; and a bogus field day full of dodge ball, like, back before dodgeball got banned by the PC police for being violent. Well, Teachers gives you a chance to relive some of your cringiest elementary school moments without actually having to go back to elementary school. I mean, you can practically smell the Cheeto dust and peed pants through the screen. Only instead of being awkward for you, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. And I promise I wouldn’t write that unless I legit laughed out loud more than once per episode. Truly, it’s funny.


As far as ensemble comedies, Teachers just comes off as really fresh. The stereotypes are somewhat adhered to in their friend group, i.e. preppy, hot girl, hippie, stoner, goth. But, unlike in most shows, you’ll probably relate to more than one of these betches on some deep, hilarious level.

Teachers Eyebrows

Also, Miss Cannon’s clothes kind of look like what would happen if the Anthropologie sales rack threw up. If you’re still on the fence, it’s kind of worth it to just check out the show because of how hilarious all the small details, like the costuming, make the damn thing. Not to mention how fire the one-liners are. I would write out a few of the jokes here, but, like, delivery is half the battle and these gals nail it.

Teachers thumbs up

So if you haven’t already started watching, you need to check out the trailer below and catch up ASAP on demand or at Then, you can be ready to watch the new season premiere on TV Land tonight at 10/9c. You’ll be hooked as shit and will probably need to write it down in your planner or something so you never miss an episode again.

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