Betches Love This Music: Tropical House

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you've heard about one of the newer genres of EDM: tropical house. Honestly, the amount of subgenres that can exist within one category of music is pretty fucking exhausting, but we digress. This music blew the fuck up in 2014 and if you haven’t already taken note, it’s time you do. Yes, we all love a great banger to pound shots to but this summery version of deep-house is perfect for your hangover the next day. Here are 3 DJs to include in your tropical house starter pack.


At 23 this Norwegian producer/DJ had the biggest year of his life, arguably making him one the most eligible pros in the music scene at the moment. In 2014 alone his remixes of songs like “Younger” and “Sexual Healing” gained him over 80 million impressions on Soundcloud and Youtube. His quick rise to fame had every EDM bro from Diplo to Avicii professing their boners for him, but Kygo played hard-to-get until eventually signing to Ultra Music in July. Other than his already amaze remixes, we recommend you listen to his newest original track  “Firestone.”


Thomas Jack:

This Australian DJ is like the hot, young Jimmy Buffet of EDM. At a mere 20-years-old he’s spent the last few months headlining some of the biggest clubs in the U.S.  It might be winter for us but it’s definitely summer where he’s from and we’ll take any reason to feel less cold all the time. Sit back and pack a bowl to one of his “Tropical House” sets on Soundcloud, you can thank us later.



Another 23-year-old, Bakermat is a Dutch DJ you should definitely have on your radar. Homie had his own fucking stage at Tomorrowland this year, adequately titled “Bakermat & Friends.” What did you do in 2014 other than drunk dial your ex every weekend and fail Econ 201? Check out his Soundcloud for songs that will help make you seem more chill to the guy you’re trying to convince you’re not bat shit crazy.





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