Betches Love This Music: Ethno Techno

For those commenters of late who have been saying we are racist because we dislike Tara from True Blood, this playlist (and our love of sushi) shows that betches appreciate some good ethnic flavour in our lives. I mean yeah so maybe most of the artists are white, but the melodies or whatever were totes inspired by people that aren't. So stop being so affirmative action, and instead just light up a joint/ take a shot/pop a pill and take a listen to this weekend's songs of the moment.

Ellie Goulding ft. Tinie Tempah (Holding On): Like most of Ellie’s songs, this one starts out like the background of an Asian baptism. But fear not: we didn’t pull this from a pile of Dinsey toss-outs for Mulan’s soundtrack. Wait for the drop around 1:30 and it becomes the perfect song for a good joint sesh on your deck laying out with some besties. And although “Tinie Tempah” reminds us of a short, feisty stripper, it turns out it’s a dude and he adds some legitimacy to the beat. Overall perf for getting high and maybs even having some casual sex.

Rusko – Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix): You just did like so much cocaine with your friend. You walk out of the bathroom. This is what you hear in your head.

Clinton Sparks Remix (Cataracts and Waka): It takes a sec to get in to, but give it until 1:45 and you’ll be yeah this shit is real. It makes you want to drink and like, air drum a giant asian gong.

Skrillex (DnB Ting Original mix): Yeah it's weird that all these songs make you want to play foreign percussion instruments but don't you just want to roll face and play the fucking bongos? I mean, at one point you think you might be mid-epelieptic fit, but it's chill. Give it a listen, your 'high' will thank you later.


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