Betches Love This Music: Ain’t No Party Like a Knife Party

Sup betches? It's been a while. We're sort of sorry we've been MIA with the music but in the altered memed words of McKayla Maroney, we weren't fucking impressed. But we're back with some really chill shit that will if anything be a great side dish to your blunt.

Knife Party – Internet Friends (Revolver Bootleg): LISTEN TO THIS this remix to Internet Friends all the way through. It's amazingly hysterical and mean and all about social media, so naturally…betchy.

Van She – Idea of Happiness (Robotaki Remix): Ugh love this, so fucking chill.

Mansions on the Moon – Radio: Another chill one, but even more low key. Honestly, it's just a really great track to listen to while tuning your professors out.

Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris – Iron: Sorry the last two may or may not have depressed those of you who can't appreciate a good stoner circle song. This one is pretty sick, might be a clip so it's kind of short but that's actually better because I personally have a severely untreated case of music ADD.

David Guetta & Alesso – Every Chance We Get We Run (With Tegan Quin & Sara): When you read Tegan and Sara you're probably thinking, what are two indie lesbians doing on Betches Love This? What's next, betches are going to recommend I shop the sales racks at Urban and memorize the script of Juno!? For those of you who are thinking this, lol, you're pretty funny. But no! TegAra kill it in this mix. It's not too clubby but also not too soundrack-for-sex-with-Michael-Cera either.

Tornado feat. Polina (Kill the Noise remix): This track is all around the world Magellen kind of sick… has some dub, has some other shit. We like it, you don't have to, it's called Tornado, there was one in Brooklyn last weekend, no one died, so no one cares, Lena Dunham lived, I'm over this rant.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (The Noisy Freaks Remix): Thought we would leave you off with something we actually really like. It's like not unreal obviously, it's Stevie wonder, but it definitely makes you feel good. Like when I listen to this I think I'm Georgina and Scotty Doesn't Know when they're super happy-high on marijuana-free edibles. But then again I also feel like I'm on Soul Train.


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