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So apparently the Sun and Uranus just became Facebook official, so be prepared for some good opportunities to come your way. There is also like a psychic energy moving around so be sure to argue a lot because you will totes have a one up on that bitch who showed up to brunch wearing your outfit from last weekend. Today is a good day to make long-term financial plans, so before you get wasted tonight, put aside to buy weed tomorrow. Single people need to watch out for bullshit artists, you may or may not be feeling residual energies from Saturn and Venus being in a bitch fit. This can make you extremely vulnerable to flattery. Predictions also show that it could rain in some parts of the world, so check the weather before wearing your new suede pumps.

Ancient Proverb: A Line Can Be Cut In Many Ways , It Is Only The Type Of Line That Can Ever Change

Lucky Numbers: #7, #31, #46, #77



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