Betches Love This Horoscope

Today the Sun and Pluto give each other some major duckface, and stare each other down like two fat girls going for the same cupcake. The day will be filled with surprises and changes, wait I thought I had more coke than this? At some point you will probably look in the mirror and like, fix your flyaways. A solar eclipse that happened 8 years ago (but still has energies resonating on the earthly planes) is the cause of this. If you're at work today, then the oracles predict that you may or may not drink at lunch. A nicegirl will probably say hi to you at least once, you will be annoyed but still remember that your 2nd moon is directly overlooking your backyard terrace so she will have little effect on your trip to Starbucks.

Ancient Proverb: Little Dick Brings Little Pleasure.

Lucky Numbers: #1, #23, #54, #74


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