Betches Love This College: NYU

NYU can be a confusing place. On one hand, it’s where all those vegan kids from your high school applied to avoid the confines of a typical college campus, but like, it’s also where B-list celebs enroll when they start second guessing their mediocre acting talents. I mean, no matter how much Columbia tries to shit on NYU, let’s keep in mind the Olsens went here.

NYU might house the crunchiest, most hipster, gender-neutral student body in the tri-state area, but when done right, going to school in downtown Manhattan can be betchy as fuck. You won’t be frat boy wasted from Monday to Sunday, but you might spot Kim and Kanye on the street if you’re lucky. Let’s be real—you’ll never go to a sports game, but you’ll prob attend a ton of concerts, start a food Instagram, and go abroad somewhere sick. Plus, where else is it a thing to Uber to class?

The People

As we mentioned already, you’ll find a diverse crowd at NYU, but like, don’t make fun of your freshman year roommate because she’ll probably be on Broadway or something one day. In reality, the students at NYU are a combination of city kids who grew up above 71st street, kids who travelled a ton growing up and are down to go abroad for like, five semesters, or just some trendy LA girls who are feeling more of the Whitney Port vibe.

Whitney Port


If you’re coming to NYU, make sure you have a pretty legit fake ID, because you’ll be trying to get into the hottest clubs. There’s a campus bar called Josie’s which is decent if you want to get drunk in sneakers, but if you really want to go out, think Catch, Up & Down, Lavo, and Le Bain. You’ll get sick of the Rif Raf paint after freshman year, but you’ll keep going back because you can get in. With the right promoter and an all-black wardrobe, you’ll be fine.  Like, if you didn’t black out under the same roof of Scott Disick on Saturday night, did you even go out?

Scott Disick

Greek Life

A lot of people don’t know about Greek life at NYU because the school doesn’t talk about it that much, but if you want a social life, you’ll know about it. Since there are no frat houses, mixers are usually held at East Village bars like Durden’s or Bar 13, but like, the fifth floor of Bobst is basically the same thing. In terms of sororities, Aephi is by far where you want to be. DePhiE is fun too if you’re looking to get out of the JAB-y Long Island crowd but like, who is? In terms of frats, Aepi and Pike guys are the ones you’ll want to pay attention to, but hookups get recycled creepily fast just based on how many straight guys are actually around.

The Campus

Everyone loves to talk shit about NYU for not having a real campus, but like, we’re in New York City. Who has time to sit in a quad all day, anyway? We have fucking internships to get to. Most NYU kids chill on their friend’s rooftops after school or hang out in Washington Square Park, but once that gets boring, people just hop from one boozy brunch to the next. You’re guaranteed to graduate with at least one Instagram of the WSP arch and one of the avocado toast from The Butcher’s Daughter.


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Since you’re forced to live in a dorm freshman year with a randomly- assigned roommate, your life will probably suck. Rubin has no air conditioning, so if you get assigned to live there, you can just drop out now.  Third North and Brittany are probably the nicest freshman dorms, but Weinstein has a dining hall and is literally three steps away from your classes, so like, it’s a trade-off. If you’re staying in the dorms for sophomore year, Alumni and Gramercy are sick, but if you’re betchy you’ll move off campus as soon as you realize you have to sign in all your drunk hookups.

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking to grow up faster than any other college kid or just want that gay BFF you’ve been looking for since high school, NYU is a sick place to go to school. You’ll make the inevitable mistake of waiting in the Starbucks line freshman year and actually wearing the purple lanyard the school gives out, but like, you’ll be partying on the Lower East Side on the weekends when your friends at state schools are falling over a keg stand. What’s a tailgate anyway? 


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