The Official Betches Love This Bachelor Drinking Game

As we all travel with Farmer Chris on his journey to find love, we will laugh, and we will cry. We will ooh, ahh and roll our eyes. We will sit silently wondering why we are still single. We will complain openly that our boyfriends are nowhere close to his godlike presence. And most importantly, we will be drunk after playing this drinking game. Get your bottles of wine and Fireball ready, and let's watch as Farmer Chris sows his seed and plows through these women. Hope we're all here for the right reasons.

Sip when:

  • Farmer Chris is shown shirtless
  • Contestants are shown in bikinis
  • Farmer Chris or contestant cries
  • The phrases 'Here for the right seasons,' 'Ready for love,' and/or 'Farmer Chris is my dream man' are used
  • Farmer Chris says “I'm the luckiest guy in the world”
  • Farmer Chris announces random country as next location for date
  • Farmer Chris talks about Iowa
  • Someone drinks wine
  • Girls admit being jealous on a group date
  • Contestant and Farmer Chris hold hands

Gulp when:

  • Kiss, and drink through the duration of aforementioned kiss
  • Finish the drink if kiss is in a body of water or airborne
  • Rose is given pre-Rose Ceremony
  • Contestant says “I think I'm falling in love.”
  • Girl-fight between contestants (non-contact)
  • Finish the drink if girl-fight leads to slapping or hair-pulling
  • Chris Harrison says “This is the final rose of the evening”
  • Hot tub scene
  • Fireworks
  • Contestant reveals secret boyfriend back home
  • Contestant accepts fantasy suite


Shot when:

  • Helicopter scene
  • Someone is taken away in an ambulance
  • Contestant leaves the show under her own volition
  • Contestant denies fantasy suite
  • Final rose each episode
  • Proposal, Farmer Chris initiates
  • Finish the bottle if contestant proposes to Farmer Chris


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