Betches Love This Album: Beyoncé

Last week when Beyoncé released her surprise album the world basically went crazier than Gwyneth Paltrow in an IHOP. We gave ourselves the weekend to watch and listen, and have come to the verdict that the album is really solid. It's not unreal in the sense that none of us were like omg I'm dying these songs are amazzzzing but we all had favorites and enjoyed most of the tracks. And if you're going to get the most out of the Beyoncé experience you're going to have to watch the vids as well, because they're kind of like snapshots of stages of her life and what she's learned. Sooooo deep.  

Here were our favs from the album, not really in any specific order because we couldn't agree, sorrz.


XO is probably going to be the big hit. By next week it'll be at the top of my 25 most played and already overplayed on the radio. 


Drunk in Love (feat Jay-Z)

She's soo ghetto fab in this song, twerking and rapping and shit. I fucking love it. Jay Z sounds like Jay Z. The view of Beyoncé's face and Jay's back is very Bound 2…lol.



I don't think I could ever live in a world where Beyoncé was jealous of JAY Z!!! But according to this song/video, this apparently was the case, and I apparently made it through alive. So there's that. 


Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

Does this make Blue Ivy officially the youngest person ever to have a song credit? See Kimye, this is how you exploit your kids in a classy way.



So this whole song is about having sex and the end is the orgasm. Really subtle. It's very artful and sexy and one of the only slow songs we really liked. It's kind of like the music video of her HBO documentary, as in extremely up close and personal. 



Named for the partition that separates you from your driver, this song is basically about decadence. This vid is so fucking glamorous. There's also part that IS the Cell Block Tango. Muzzy makes an appearance and teaches you french. 


Pretty Hurts 

The video component plays a big part in this song. The “beauty isn’t everything” message in this song is all very easy for Beyoncé to say. I predict it'll also be in a Super Bowl commercial for like Tampax or some other empowering women bullshit.



Amazing trippy video and the sound kind of reminds me of Britney Spears circa Gimme More or like, Prince. The roller skating rink and Richard Simmons' workout costumes def do not make this song any less reminiscent of the 80s. Yet it's really interesting how Beyonce knows how to make half-naked sexual dancing on top of a car tasteful. While Miley Cyrus hasn’t figured it out yet.



This video is clearly meant to be some sort of sexual Shining. It grows on you, like really, I promise.


****Flawless (feat. Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie)

This song is all about how life for women is shitty but hers is great. But at least the Queen finally admits she wants the “bitches to bow down”. No we can't pronounce who is featured in this song either. 


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