Betches Guide To Freshman Orientation

Every year at the end of summer, betches in training get ready to start their college education and become full-fledged betches. The first week is the most important. We’re talking about freshman orientation. Sure, you’ve been to sleepaway camp and maybe even a senior trip to Europe, but college is the first time you’ll really experience freedom living away from home as an adult.

The idea of starting over at a school ten times bigger than your high school, where everyone already knew your deal, can be intimidating.  You just want to show up and be like, “I mean, do you guys know who I am?” But just remember, nobody knows who anybody is, so everyone’s in the same boat.  In college, cliques don’t matter, as long as your crew is cool you’re going to have a good time. Aka your sorority sisters, your sports team, your major, whatever.  You basically only have to hang out with people you like, which means the easiest and quickest way to make friends is to be open to everyone you meet during orientation – you’ll find the people you get along with very quickly.

80% of the people you meet during orientation are people you’re never going to talk to again. Still, you don’t want to roll to a party alone, so chances are the first people you party with are going to be people who live on your floor. These people are important during orientation, but pretty much irrelevant after.

Let’s talk about rushing. A lot of schools have a separate recruitment week, but if you’re going Greek you’re probably interested in getting the lowdown.  Do your research before you get to college, but don’t stress too much. You, like everyone else, will be shepherded through the pledge system the old fashioned way, and it will be pretty clear which houses you want to belong to once recruitment starts.

Orientation is like hunting season for upperclassmen on campus.  Everyone’s going to try to recruit you for their club, sport, whatever, and it can get overwhelming. There’s a ton of free food and shit during orientation, and whether or not you’re interested in joining the club, it’s definitely worth stopping at as many meetings as you can just for the best goodies.  Orientation is a numbers game, and the worst thing you can do is pick a best friend in your first day and stop meeting new people.

Parties are insane during orientation, especially because some people are drinking and doing drugs for the first time in their lives and basically it’s a nightmare of amateurs. If you do go to orientation parties, just remember that anyone you talk to who isn’t actually a freshman is probably a creep.  There’s absolutely no reason anyone over 21 should be at a freshman orientation party unless their only goal is to fuck freshman girls aka they are a creep.

Don’t just get invited to places, make a point to plan something of your own. Like, literally it can be just hosting a pregame and inviting some people you’ve met to your room before you all go out.  It’s a good way to meet people on your terms, and people will want to include you in things if you’re including them.

Orientation is an introduction to college life without the classes and grades, aka the best part about college. If you’re spending more time in your room than out of it, you’re not doing it right. Don’t be selective about what you do, as long as it’s fun – nobody’s going to remember it anyway.


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