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The Betches’ Guide to Lingerie

Maybe you just went went on a really successful V-day date and you want to repay your bro for the free food. Maybe the date actually sucked but you’re really drunk and at least want to get something out of it. Maybe you’re single but just generally enjoy looking hot af. Whatever the reason, gorgeous lingerie empowers you both inside and outside of the bedroom.  

Even when you aren’t getting any action, the right set makes you feel pretty good about yourself and like you sort of have your life together. After all, fashion isn’t simply skin deep—it’s what lies beneath that that counts, too. Even better, bras as gorgeous as these ones are meant to be showed off—whether it be through a slightly sheer top or peeking out of a tee, creating a foundation of style to set the tone for the rest of your outfit, or in some SAB‘s bedroom after 6 vodka sodas. Check out some of our favorite styles, just in time for a day full of love, lingerie, and liquor (if you’re like me and use every holiday as an excuse to throw back copious amounts of alcohol).

1. For Love & Lemons Ruby Applique Bralette

If you can pull it off (aka if your boobs aren’t ginormous) appliqués are the way to go since they cover just enough (barely) but still look feminine. We like For Love & Lemons’ Ruby Applique Bralette (pictured) and Lucia Lace Bralette, both of which are really pretty and slutty enough without looking like something you’d see on a hooker in an episode of SVU

2. For Love & Lemons Flower Blossom Bralette and Hi-Waist Panty

Available in scarlet or black (so…black), this set is perfect for when you want to leave very little to the imagination, but still look like you put some thought into it, since the bottoms are basically one step above a thong.

3. Pretty Much Perfect Triangle Set (top) & KISSKILL Alexa Bustier (bottom)


I lumped these two together because I like how all the detailing is at the bottom of the bra. It almost makes me feel like I could get away with wearing these as crop tops, but I probably couldn’t. A girl can dream.

4. KISSKILL Tiah Brah

For the dominatrix in all of us

5. Lovers + Friends Put it On Me Teddy

When people in the movies say they’re going to “slip into something more comfortable,” I feel like this is exactly what they had in mind.

5. Wildfox Couture Let’s Spend the Night Together Button-Up

If you’re too nervous to be direct, let your night shirt do the talking for you. In all seriousness, this looks comfy af and is cute enough to break out in front of a bf, or like a guy you’ve been casually hooking up with long enough that you don’t feel like you need to try too hard to impress him.