Conor Maynard & Cash Cash Talk About Love, Heartbreak, And Fuckboys

We sat down with Conor Maynard and Cash Cash (Alex Makhlouf, JP Makhlouf, and Sam Frisch—you may remember them from our interview) to talk about their latest music fuckboys. In all seriousness, their latest collaboration for the song “All My Love” is an EDM anthem for heartbreak. The British singer (#thataccentthough) and the American DJs may or may not be fuckboys single (watch to find out), but these good-looking bros sure do know how to make a great song. Conor is all over the most questionable platform for making money YouTube and that crumpet can sing—you have to see his sing-off with The Vamps. And Cash Cash’s single “How To Love” from last year is still a jam; I def Snapchatted the shit out of their set at EZoo last year. I’m not sure if I would go to them for relationship advice, though, because I may end up sliding into DMs and never stopping. #cantstopwontstop. Watch the video below to find out if these boys can heal your heartbreak (or cause it):

The music video was just released for the new single last week, and it is exactly how friends should cheer up a broken-hearted betch (foooood and cute boys, but mostly food). Watch here:

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