Quarter Life Crises Are Real, And We’re All Going To Have One

By The Betches | January 17, 2018

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In 2018’s second episode, Sami and Aleen start the show dishing on Vanderpump Rules. After sufficiently calling everyone on Vanderpump delusional, they talk about quarter life crisis, the moment we’ve all had (or will have) where we’re 25-ish and realize we don’t identify with our own identity. Don’t miss this week’s “Dear Betches” which can be summed up as someone asking, “What the f*ck is with all these fitness Instagrams?” Hint: it involves crises. The rest of the episode deals with very serious questions including what the quarter life crisis looked like before social media, how fat Khloé Kardashian is, and if Aleen would freeze her eggs.

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