Betch Of The Week: Samantha Ponder

While plenty of betches can claim to enjoy and follow sports, very few can say they work on the sidelines for ESPN interviewing athletes on a regular basis like this weeks betch: Samantha Ponder.

Samantha Ponder (previously Samantha Steele) is a twenty-nine-year-old blonde haired beauty with dimples and a pearly white grin that you want to hate but just can’t. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ponder started her career as a sideline reporter at Liberty University before moving her way up to Fox Sports and eventually ESPN to replace Erin Andrews on College Game Day.

If it wasn’t envious enough that she’s a long-legged slender beauty with a passion for college athletics and a career with the worldwide leader in sports, she also happens to be married to handsome NFL quarterback Christian Ponder. 

Please, the jealousy is too much.

After dating her now hubby for less than a year, he popped the question and they were married weeks later in a casual ceremony right before attending an ugly sweater party. How can you be this chill!?

These days Samantha Ponder can be found jet-setting the country while covering college football and basketball with adorable daughter Scout in tow.

Ponder is well known for her avid Instagramming of her career, family, and most adorably her daughter. Yes, Scout has her own Instagram, and no it’s not gushy annoying pictures like most parents. Samantha Ponder combines cuteness and humor to capture and hilariously caption everything from her daughter's tantrums, tumbles, and overall cuteness.

So to you Samantha Ponder: We salute you for managing to be intelligent, well-spoken, drop dead gorgeous, sporty, a chill wife, and a devoted mother. We’d love to find something to hate you for, but no such luck yet.


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