Betch of the Week: Kathy Griffin

Betches everywhere are still mourning the loss of iconic shit-talker Joan Rivers, and we’ve obviously all been wondering what would happen to Fashion Police.  There’s nothing better than an entire show dedicated to talking shit, but the thought of Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic sitting there by themselves is just depressing.

In a move that most of us saw coming, it looks like Kathy Griffin has been chosen as Joan’s replacement.  Ms. Griffin is no stranger to gossiping about fellow celebs, and really she makes perfect sense for the show.  Kathy had some tv roles in the late ‘90s, but she’s best known for her standup comedy.  She’s had like a zillion standup specials full of hilarious stories, mostly about her pissing off famous people, and her reality show My Life on the D-List was actually so funny. Probably the best episode was when Bristol Palin’s baby-daddy (yum) was her date to the Emmys.  Kathy is really one of the only people on Joan’s level when it comes to shitting on people. Reportedly, Melissa Rivers personally asked her to take over the show, probably when they saw each other in the lobby of the plastic surgeon’s office. Congrats Kathy, and do your betchiest.


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