Betch Of The Week: Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has been getting a lot of recognition lately, and it’s honestly long overdue. Between her successful third season of Inside Amy Schumer, hosting the MTV Movie Awards, and diving face first in front of Kimye at the Time 100 Gala, she has managed to capture our hearts in a way that only brazen women who take no shit and refuse the validation of men can.

Amy is a comedian who specializes in calling out sexist double standards and gender roles while still managing to appeal to a male audience. Right now, she’s accomplishing the near-impossible goal of making men think feminism is funny—evident by her nearly unparalleled success on a male-dominated network. (Comedy Central has a 60% male viewer base.) While making men laugh is a far cry from the actual goal of feminism, it is definitely an improvement over the treatment other champions of feminism have received, think death threats and the blackmail that involves leaked personal photos.

Amy is this week’s Betch of the Week not because of her feminist-driven comedy and fearless attack on the society’s blatant objectification of women (although that is reason enough). No, we’re crowning Amy specifically for the speech she made at last year’s Gloria Awards and Gala, which was equal parts excruciating in its relateability and inspiring in its message. You can, and should, read it in it’s entirety here. The takeaway: we all deserve better than what our freshman year selves put up with (we’re not just talking vodka preferences), and we shouldn’t have to apologize for thinking so.

When you’re done reading it, you can watch her latest sketch that parodies 12 Angry Men while answering the age old question: is Amy hot enough to warrant a TV show? Does she deserve success even though she’s not a size 2??

If you’re still unconvinced of the necessity of her particular brand of humor, you can also check out this sketch about boys who tell you you’re too pretty for makeup. Because what could be better than comedy that combines a criticism of a consumer-based society that breeds our dependence on beauty products while men belittle us for wearing them set to a One Direction-esque soundtrack? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

And finally, when you’re completely 100% done because you realize you’ve just been fed a whole lot of bitter truth disguised as harmless hilarity, watch this sketch about the magical day when the media gets to declare an actress’ worth based solely on her fuckability. Then proceed to weep into your pillow while you fervently wish Tina Fey was your aunt.


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