Betch Faux Pas: Hooking Up With Multiple People In The Same Frat

Sometimes a betch learns the backroom stairs outside of a frat house all to well. Your whole shacking wardrobe starts consisting of Alpha Sigma rush shirts, philanthropy shirts and homecoming shirts in every style and year. Your friends joke about how you should just build a shacking nook there complete with bed and all, considering you spend so many fucking nights there. However, hooking up with multiple guys in the same frat can earn you a rep… one that no betch should ever have. Because frat bros by their very definition are assholes and bros talk. Being a betch, you’re NOT trying to become the fucking frat joke. Here’s how to overcome your faux pas.  

DO: Make friends with guys in the house

Having a BFF in the house can help if people are talking shit. Your guy friends are likely to stand up for you and do some rep damage control.

DON’T: Keep hooking up with people in the house

If you notice that you know what bedsheets more than two people in the same house own, don’t keep hooking up with bros in the house. Unless you want be on their list serv feed for months.

DO: Avoid their parties when you want a quick hookup

Everyone knows a betch can get whomever they want, so why keep going to the same house over and over? Steer clear betch. You know they have the type of guys you like to hook up with but who’s to say another house won’t have someone hotter and chiller. This is the best way to maintain your dignity.

DON’T: Go to their parties too schwasty

If you do find yourself at the house again, make sure you are somewhat coherent. Coming over drunk as fuck is bound to land you in bed with yet another of the frat bros in the house. Tell your friends to keep an eye on you so that you don’t end up hammered and alone in the house…tequila makes a betches clothes fall off.


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