Betch Amy Schumer Keeps Up With The News

Every time a celebrity actually knows what the fuck is going on outside of their multi-billion dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, Americans freak the fuck out. It’s like a wakeup call that if you have time for keeping up with the news in between film takes, interviews, talk show appearances, and cheating scandals, the average 9-5 loser should know a thing or two about what’s going on outside their office.
Amy Schumer is the most recent example of celebs who don’t have their heads stuck up their ass. While Paris Hilton is sitting by her pool wondering why that sad excuse for a song, “Stars are Blind,” didn’t help launch her music career, Amy is getting shit done and speaking out about gun control.

Turns out New York Democratic Senator, Charles Schumer, is her second cousin once removed. We still don’t really know what the once removed means, but if we have to guess it probably has something to do with why he doesn’t make a cameo in Trainwreck.
Amy, a former Betch of the Week, showed her support for her cousin’s bill that will enforce further transparency of states’ records on felons, spousal abusers, and the mentally ill. States will be required to submit these records to the federal background check system.

Two weeks ago, two people were killed by a gunman at a screening of Trainwreck in Louisiana. Amy doesn’t take shit from anyone, so naturally she took this opportunity to take matters into her own hands and tell off some fuckboys in Washington.
We all know that if fugly Charles stood up there and talked about this by himself, no one would give a shit. It would just be another politician’s attempt at advocating for gun control. TheSkimm probably wouldn’t even write about it. But Amy is a betch who people listen to.

She even threw some tears in for good measure and while we usually say crying in public is a huge faux pas, if you’re trying to get your way, tearing up a little never hurts—especially if you’re one of the biggest celebrities in America right now. Looks like politicians should bring in their famous relatives to do their dirty work more often. Is Obama related to anyone relevant?


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