Betch Activity: Decorating Graduation Caps

Graduation Season is upon us. While many a graduating betch is downing wine like there’s no tomorrow to numb herself to the pain of finals and dealing with the realization that she’s leaving college behind, rest assured there’s at least one activity that can take you back with nostalgia of kindergarten arts and crafts: Decorating your grad cap.

This is basically an official event for friend groups/sorority sisters to gather at Michaels and Hobby Lobby and get as much glitter, scrapbook paper and rhinestones as humanly possible to make the most adorable grad cap of all time.

Sure you can show up at graduation with the basic school-issued cap, but that’s super lame and then there’s no way for your friends and family to identify you in the sea of strangely-colored polyester garbage bags they call graduation gowns.

Individuality is key. Sure you can use Google to get inspiration, but copying a popular design from the internet makes you look super basic. Sure “Because my Hogwarts letter never came” and “Game of Loans” seem super clever, i.e. dumb, but there are probably 100 other betches with that same game plan.

Decorating in the same color palate or with the same font as your besties makes for the best pictures. Also, subtly using your house number or Greek letters will unify you without making you seem too generic. It also lets other people know you’re part of an awesome and hot friend group and you definitely can’t sit with us.

Though not doing work is a part of a betch’s persona, you should probably put some effort into making this thing look great. It will be in a lot of pictures and you don’t want to look like the rando trying to tack on to a friend group just in time for graduation.

Even if you’re, like, super busy before graduation, have a project runway moment and make it work. Not to mention, a decorating session makes for a great time to meet up and work on the strategy for getting your flask and snacks into the ceremony.


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