Beige Carpet, Red Hot Looks: Best And Worst Dressed At The 2023 Oscars

The 95th Academy Awards signaled the end of award season and the lead-up to Hollywood’s biggest night—and it was eventful, to say the least. First, there was the whole Andrea Riseborough controversy (if you missed it, her nomination was a surprise, so people thought her campaign broke the rules). Then, the Academy announced the addition of a crisis team to prevent another Slapgate situation, should it happen twice in a row. But the biggest change of all is the carpet.

This year, producers decided to break tradition and roll out a champagne carpet for the Oscars. Well, they’re calling it champagne, but come on, people. It’s beige. An ugly, bland, beige colored carpet to mark the most glamorous awards ceremony of the year. It’s the first time in Oscar history that the red carpet isn’t red—and hopefully the last. I mean, where was that “crisis team” during production design?!

At least we can all take comfort in knowing there’s one tradition they can never take away from us—the time-honored tradition of judging celebrity fashion choices whilst also wearing Cheeto-stained sweatpants. Unlike the boring beige carpet, the looks were red hot and hard to criticize. And with that, let’s get into it.

Florence Pugh

Florence is nothing if not edgy. And this dress is proof—it’s giving some serious Renaissance vibes even though half of it is bike shorts and the other half is a down comforter.

Hong Chau

Congratulations—if you had “elegant platypus” on your Oscars bingo card, you win! It’s almost like Hong Chau decided to add a beaver tail at the last minute just to stand out from the carpet—but in the best way possible.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis seamlessly blends in with the champagne scenery. Which is really too bad, because this dress would’ve looked unbelievable on any other red carpet.  


RiRi always slays—she hit the carpet looking like a sexy and pregnant dominatrix and I’m here for it.

Lady Gaga

On anyone else, a sheer gown complete with an 80’s style cone bra would be considered a fashion risk, but on Lady Gaga, it’s damn near tame. We’ve come a long way since the meat dress days.

Brian Tyree Henry

Is he drawing inspiration from the Westerncore aesthetic? Is he a Liberace backup dancer? Who can tell?

Janelle Monáe

I love a star who’s not afraid to take a fashion risk and Janelle Monae never disappoints. Tell me, could anyone else pull off a gown that could double as a sarong wrap?

Salma Hayek

You know those New Years party kazoos? The foil ones with fringe? This is what it would look like in dress form.

Ana De Armas

Kim K should take note—this is how you recreate Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet. It’s slinky, sparkly, and best of all, doesn’t ruin an iconic piece of fashion history.  

Mindy Kaling

There were a lot of celebs in wedding-esque gowns this year, but only one looked like the kind of bride who would get married on a cruise ship.

Zoe Saldana

Another sparkly beige dress—seriously, did no one know about the carpet change?

Harvey Guillen

Most men go for a plain black tux, but not Harvey Guillen. He said, “Get me a suit. No, get me a kimono. Never mind, I’ll take both!”

Angela Bassett

We can always count on Angela Bassett for a pop of color. She looks both fierce and traditional in this bold purple gown. Most certainly did the thing.

Allison Williams

A balletcore inspired Giambattista Valli gown—I’m loving it from the back, but from the front… not so much. At least she’ll look good when she’s walking away!

Halle Bailey

Every single thing about this look is perfection. It’s part sexy sea siren, part couture cloud and 100 percent amazing.

All images courtesy of Getty Images.

Katie Mannion
Katie Mannion
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