The Best And Worst Cardio Machines For Weight Loss—The Answers Probs Won’t Shock You

Your time is valuable. In the time that you’ve taken reading this article, you’ve probably slacked on that assignment your boss just gave you, or decided to go out instead of studying midterms. And we respect that.

So don’t be an idiot in the gym. Beach season is right around the corner, and those alcohols calories aren’t going to burn off themselves. And obviously cardio sucks in general, duh. But if you’re going to spend hours on a cardio machine, then at least pick the right one. PopSugar asked a trainer what the best and worst cardio machines are, and the answers probably won’t surprise you, but we broke it down for you anyway.

Worst: Recumbent bike

Unless you’re headed to SoulCycle, skip the bike. Sitting down does nothing for the heart rate (or your beer/wine/hard alcohol belly). Here’s a hint: if the activity you’re doing is so easy that you can read a magazine or book while doing it, probably not a great workout.

Mediocre: Elliptical machine

The best benefit of the elliptical machine is that it’s easy on your joints. Therefore, it’s a little bit easier on your body in general. Make the elliptical tough in resistance, and you’ll be able to break a sweat.

Best: Treadmill

It’s not rocket science, betches. Run fast, drink more. Sure, treadmills are notoriously bad for your knees. But if you’re worried about your precious knees at the age of 20, then just increase the incline and get a nice middle-aged lady power walk going. Treadmills are the best way to get your heart rate elevated, and the best way to burn calories.

No betch really enjoys cardio, but at least make it worth the effort and get your ass in shape (and skinny).



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