The Supplements You Need To Start Taking For Better Skin, Hair, And Nails

IDK about you, but maybe I was traumatized when I was a kid because when I think of vitamins, I think of those nasty-ass, chalk-tasting, vomit-inducing Flintstone vitamins my mom used to force me to take. I used to, like, cringe when I thought about the idea of taking vitamins. Have I grown into a mature adult since then? I mean, not exactly, but I obviously now know that vitamins are supposed to do good things for you and your body, and basically improve your quality of life. I’ve clearly overcome this (v rational) fear of mine and now that I feel ancient af, I started giving a shit about my overall well-being. Not that this will stop my weekly blackouts or anything. Vitamins have become my personal pill of choice, if you will, since they fix all of my life’s problems. From better skin to feeling happy AF, they do it all. I’m not a doctor so like, obvs ask yours first before popping anything on the regular. But when Xanax doesn’t cut it, here are the best vitamins you need to improve your overall health.

For Better Skin

The best vitamins for getting rid of annoying af pimples are A and E. Foods like pumpkin spice lattes, vegetables, and nuts help fulfill your daily dosage, but those who suffer from acne, eczema, or psoriasis may want to take an additional vitamin A supplement to reduce excess oil and strengthen skin cells. Too much of it can supposedly pose health risks if you’re not taking it properly so like, def ask your doctor first. However, this supplement contains a little bit of all vitamins to unclog pores and clear up skin quickly.

Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement

For Longer Hair

I assume SugarBearHair is great and all, but I’m so bitter about seeing it on a daily basis that I’m not including it on this very unbiased list. This is an equally as fetch hair supplement because they don’t taste like shit and they’re gummies, so they’re basically candy. It holds the key to healthier, longer hair—in other words, it contains vitamin B and biotin.

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

For Stronger Nails

Our skin, hair, and nails all need some form of vitamin B to thrive, TBH. So, more often than not, whether it’s biotin or B12, you’re doing each of them a huge favor. Whether you’re a victim of stubby, brittle nails or you’re just addicted to acrylic manicures, you’ll want to cop some B12 to keep in your bag. Take it with your lunch salad on a daily basis for stronger nails that grow a million times faster.

Sundown Naturals B12 1000 mcg

For A Better Immune System

As long as your mimosa has, at the very least, a splash of OJ, your body is thanking you in the long run. (Not actual medical advice. Get your flu shot.) Everyone in the English-speaking world knows vitamin C is your best bet for skipping out on a nasty cold or a gross flu virus. I’ve started taking this with my lunch everyday and like, not only have I not been sick in what feels like forever, but my skin is looking pretty fab, too.

Solaray Vitamin C 5000 MG

To Feel Happy AF

If you’ve recently been told that you need to take a chill pill STAT, well, then you probs need more vitamin D in your life—and I don’t mean that in the way fuckboys say it. The lack of sun and heat is making me feel bitter 24/7 and only making my chronic RBF worse. To make sitting in a cubicle all day less depressing, consider taking vitamin D3, which is supposedly the same as basking in the sun on a hot summer day. I can honestly say these will hold me over until March 20th.

Hum Nutrition Here Comes The Sun Softgels

Image: Maira Gallardo / Unsplash