Betches and Packed Party Bring You Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means you can either listen to your friends bitch about not having a Valentine or you can shut them the fuck up by sending them the best package ever. And by best we mean utterly amazing because the package is worth double what it costs. Packed Party, the company we successfully collaborated with to bring you the Happy Holidaze package back in December has done it again. Enter the Be Mine, K? package. 

So like, what’s Packed Party? They’re an online company that allows you to send themed care packages to start the party for yourself or someone else straight to your doorstep. Their packages are themed from birthdays to break-ups and everything in between. December featured the Betches Happy Holidaze package and now we present the Be Mine, K? Valentine’s Day package. All contents come with a letter-pressed card stating what the party is, why it is being sent to you, and Packed Party signs it by YOU, with like a real pen, to make the package that much more personal. Talk about making it easy to be thoughtful without having to do anything, right!?

What’s inside: You’ll get our fav home designer Jonathan Adler‘s pink leather journal. Super famous Sugarfina champagne gummy bears. Blaine Bowen, a company featured in People Style Watch, exclusive and custom jewelry bracelet. Trust Fund Beauty Vegan Nail Polish, which will have a surprise color in each package. Perfect, we know. ETC ETC ETC. For $45, literally. We only have a limited amount, so go to PACKED PARTY to get your Be Mine, K? Package nowwwwwww!


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