The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The weather has been pretty damn delightful as of late. It’s evident day drinking weather is rounding the corner with March just beginning. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day will be a shitshow as always, marking the first unofficial day when binge drinking in broad daylight is no longer frowned upon. When temperatures reach 60 degrees or more, it’s about fucking time to break out the sunnies. Whether it’s to hide how tipsy we are on a weekday or just all-around enhance a RBF, they’re basically an essential before stepping out of the house. Before you stock up on new pairs to lose, here are the best sunglasses to wear based on your face shape so you can look like Kris Jenner a boss betch.

If You Have A Round Face, You’ll Need: Square Frames

It only makes sense to stay away from round or oval frames. Obviously. To prevent your face from looking rounder, opt for a square-framed style to angle and contour your face (without actually needing to contour).

Quay Australia x Kylie Jenner 20s Oversized Square Sunglasses In Black

If You Have A Square Face, You’ll Need: Round Frames

Fucking duh?!!? The bigger, the better applies to you, too. Round frames soften your cheekbones and round out your facial structure so it’s not as angular.

Wildfox ‘Malibu Deluxe’ 55mm Retro Sunglasses

If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face, You’ll Need: Cat Eye Frames

These retro styled frames are the best sunglasses to help balance out the top and bottom of your face, since they almost take on a similar shape. Feel free to even go for an oversize pair since they will make the upper half of your face look a tad smaller and more in line with your jawline.

Illesteva Martinique Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses

If You Have An Oval Face, You’ll Need: Rectangular Frames

You are basically perfect, so bye. Since your face is probs already perfectly proportional and we all hate you, all you’ll want is a pair that enhances your natural shape. Rectangular or aviator styles are mostly flat, and therefore, help tie in your whole look in the center. If you feel like being extra af (which is like, all of the time), go for bright colors and totally-out-there patterns.

Tortoise Shell Racer Sunglasses by Quay x Desi


Images: Philipe Cavalcante / Unsplash; Giphy (1); ASOS (1); Nordstrom (1); Net-A-Porter (1); Topshop (1)