The Best Savannah Bars To Meet A Southern Gentleman

We asked Southern Charm Savannah’s Daniel Eichholz about the best places in Savannah to meet a Southern Gentleman. His answers blew us away. Read on below and be sure to check out Daniel on the Southern Charm Savannah season finale, tonight at 10pm EST (9pm central) only on Bravo!

What exactly do you mean by a Southern gentleman? A douche in seersucker, a bowtie, no socks, swirling bourbon, talking about his pheasant hunt? Or do you want to get to know the real categories of bros in the south and what their natural bar habitat looks like? For a relatively small city, Savannah is home to a huge variety of bros’ bars. No matter what your type is, you’ll find him here.

1. Top Deck

This is the place to go for the party before the party. It’s sleek and modern and has great rooftop views of the river and downtown Savannah. This is where the business and finance guys hang out for happy hour. Exactly the spot to go to meet the wealthy guy with a vague career in business your mom always wanted you about. This bar closes early, so after you’ve had a few drinks you can move on to start the real party, with or without the wealthy guy who was buying you all of your expensive cocktails.

Top Deck Savannah

2. The Rail Pub

This dive has actually been ranked nationally as one of the best dive bars. This is where you’ll go to find your basic bro. There’s cheap drinks, sticky floors, but an awesome patio and karaoke every night upstairs. You can show up in a T-shirt and jeans, sing your favorite 90’s song to a packed house, and enjoy a refreshing $2 Bud Light. Definitely not the place you’ll find Mr. Right, but you’ll find Mr. Right Now who can show you a fun time while you’re in Savannah. 

3. El Rocko

This is the place to head towards the end of the night when you really want to turn up. The guys you’ll find here will be ready to party all night long, have a great time, and are probably hosting the after-party. However, I wouldn’t count on them to remember your name the next morning. There’s always a great DJ, great dancing, cheap beer, and quality cocktails. This is where it’s at after 1am in Savannah when you’re looking to get lit.

El-Rocko Lounge

4. The Social Club

This is where you should go if you’re looking to cast a wide net. This bar is always packed with Southern gentlemen and frat boys alike. It’s got a cool basement with pool tables and darts, and upstairs usually has a live band. Another great outdoor patio, and it’s always packed. No matter what type of guy you’re looking for, you’ll find him here. This is also where you’ll run into me, Louis, and Lyle most of the time, so you know only the real Southern guys hang here.

5. Mata Hari’s

This is where you’ll find the quintessential, eclectic Southern gentleman.  This bar is a secret speakeasy, and only those with a key are allowed in. If you find a guy with a key, he’s a local and he’s in the know. He may try a little too hard and talk about his extended knowledge of bourbon, but he’ll make you feel taken care of. This bar is more of a date spot than a party, so if he takes you here, he’s actually interested in getting to know you and only you. There’s always a talented pianist and singer performing, so be prepared to be swept off your feet when he asks you to dance.  This guy will pull out your chair and open your doors—a real Southern gent. 

Mata Hari Savannah

Catch Daniel and the rest of the Southern Charm Savannah cast on the season finale, tonight at 10pm EST only on Bravo!