The Best New TV Shows & Movies To Binge On Netflix This November

Welp, it’s November. Pretty soon we’ll be saying, “Peace out,” to fall and doing everything we can to brace ourselves for the upcoming winter and holiday season. Two things we can never actually prepare enough for. We’ll all accept the fact that going into hibernation means gaining at least three pounds from all of the family dinners and wine we’ll be drowning in to defrost our bodies and ice cold hearts. ‘Tis finally full-on “cuffing season.” It’ll soon be too fucking cold to leave the house and like, cuddling on the couch after you’ve had way too much takeout always sounds like a great time, anyway. To ring in the best time of the year by doing what we do best, chronic bingeing and being lazy assholes, here are the best shows and movies coming to Netflix this November.

TV Shows

‘Alias Grace’ Season 1

A servant, Grace Marks, was convicted of murdering two people and sentenced to life imprisonment. Some time later, a psychiatrist sees her and attempts to study her mind, but all of a sudden, she’s basically like, “I blacked out, tbh. I don’t remember anything.” And he’s all like, “Shit. Maybe she’s just crazy. Is she lying or nah?” He becomes v intrigued with this mysterious, possibly dangerous, and/or criminally insane Elisabeth Moss lookalike and wonders if this woman should be forgiven. Plot twist: This shit apparently actually happened IRL. But the answer to your question is, yes, this is Netflix’s copycat version of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s also based off a Margaret Atwood novel, so maybe we should give it a chance while we wait for Handmaid’s Tale season two.

Alias Grace

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Season 1

This is a spin-off of Marvel’s Daredevil, which follows a relatively hot guy who like, helps fight crime in New York City. If anyone follows comic books (I assume that’s none of you), you’d know this follows everyday people in New York City who use superpowers to fuck criminals up. Honestly, as someone who doesn’t follow the books but has binged Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, it’s actually really good and def worth tuning into for this new addition.

‘Glitch’ Season 2

Season two of a bingeworthy mystery/thriller follows a cop and doctor as they take on a case to find out why seven local residents rose from the dead in perfectly good health. UM, THE FUCK? Apparently none of them know wtf is happening either or why it happened, so this sounds like a fucked up show I’m going to binge as soon as I’m done writing this.

‘Under Arrest’ Season 7

It’s basically a combo of Cops and a shittier version of Law & Order: SVU. Viewers get to follow police officers as they solve crimes and arrest criminals in a reality series. Since there are seven seasons, I’m assuming this is mediocre enough to start watching when you’ve finished all of the above.

‘Broadchurch’ Season 3

Another mysterious unsolved murder in a community where everyone knows everyone? Yeah, count me in twice. The show’s third season continues the plot after a young boy’s corpse is found on a beach in a pretty small community. Two detectives are determined to figure out who the psycho is, and with each interview from a neighbor come more secrets and unraveling plot twists.


‘Charlotte’s Web’

Seriously? Like, I’m pretty sure we all read this in fifth grade and then cried when our evil teacher made us watch the movie. Well, #tbt because it’s on Netflix as we speak, where you can secretly watch and get a good cry over it, when you’re PMSing or some shit.

‘The Pursuit of Happyness’

First of all, Will Smith. Second of all, Will fucking Smith. IDK what Netflix is thinking with all of these tearjerkers this month, but this is seriously the best movie to sob over while eating something that’s totally unhealthy. Based on a true story, Will Smith plays a single father who ends up homeless and pretty much jobless. Together, Smith tries to make the best of it for his adorable son (played by Jaden Smith before he thought he was deep on Twitter) and is dedicated to making both their lives and little world a much better place. I’M NOT CRYING. YOU’RE CRYING.

‘Scary Movie’

Ugh, such a classic. This Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer parody makes fun of and says all of the shit we’re thinking when we watch scary movies we can’t help but laugh at. There’s like, a million of these, but as usual, they should’ve left this alone, because the first is always the best. Def a worthy Netflix & Chill flick for when you both can’t agree on what to watch and want to be nostalgic on all the good shit we left back in the 2000s.

‘The Dinner’

TBH, this is the old version (the new one just came out this year), but since I read the book, I can tell you it’s probably really good. But then again, the books are always better, so I could be wrong. The film covers two couples and their children who are all well-known and respected in the community. When the children keep themselves entertained for a night, their parents go out to dinner to discuss the one thing everyone has been too scared to bring up: Their children committed a horrible crime and its been caught on camera. In efforts to keep it under wraps from both the community and police, the parents try to discuss how they’re going to handle it.

‘Michael Clayton’

It has young George Clooney and won a fuck ton of Oscars, so obviously this is v good. Michael Clayton (Clooney) is essentially an intern who gets paid shit to do all of the dirty work for a huge law firm in New York City. His career and troubled past take a turn for the worst when the firm’s partner and guilty af attorney freak the fuck out. Clayton is forced to help this guy get his shit together, but in doing so, uncovers dark secrets about this law firm he’s been protecting and his own fam. Damn. Deep shit.