7 Chic Beach Cover-Ups That Won't Make You Look Like A Mom

If shopping for bikinis is as unenjoyable as going to a spin class with that friend of yours that’s totally obsessed with spinning, then shopping for cover-ups is going to the gym and pretending to work out with your friend who is equally as lazy as you. Both scenarios are like, definitely not how you’d ideally like to be spending your time, but the latter is definitely less sucky. Beach cover-ups are usually pretty ugly and for some reason, everytime I see one, I just picture Luann from Real Housewives of New York City. IDK, there’s just something about a bad cover-up that makes me picture its wearer with a mom haircut and like, varicose veins. I don’t care if you’re wearing a really scandalous suit underneath it, that’s just how you’re going to look if you buy a frumpy cover-up. So like, obviously don’t buy a frumpy cover-up. Here are a few acceptable ones.

1. Maxi Chiffon Beach Sarong With Satin Tie From ASOS

This cover-up is perfect for when you feel hot AF in your bikini and don’t actually really want to cover up. It’s probably impossible to wear this without standing like Angelina Jolie in that dress with the crazy slit at the 2012 Oscars.

ASOS Maxi Chiffon Beach Sarong

2. Lace Crop Top Cover Up & Lace Midi Skirt Cover Up Set From Topshop

Matching sets are cool as shit, so obviously wearing a beach cover-up set will make you cool as shit, too. A two piece cover up is barely any more effort than wearing a regular single-article cover-up, but it will definitely make it look like you have your shit together and planned a full trendy beach outfit.

Top Shop Lace Crop Top Cover UpTopShop Lace Midi Skirt Cover Up

3. BDG Uma Fishnet T-Shirt Dress From Urban Outfitters

You’re lucky I’m telling you to buy this so early in the season, because I’m sure that every Instagram “model” will be posting photos in this cover-up all summer. This way, even when you only get a third of the likes, you can still be excited that you had it first. You’re welcome.

BDG Uma Fishnet T-Shirt Dress

4. Blue Tie Dye Beach Playsuit From Missguided

The best thing about this beach playsuit, besides the fact that it offers lots of cleavage options, is that it comes in a blue tie dye print—so when you inevitably spill on it while you’re drinking a fishbowl at a boardwalk bar, it will probably just blend in.

Missguided Blue Tie Dye Beach Playsuit

5. Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Cover-Up From Anthropologie

This cover-up is one of the few cover-ups that actually covers up (say cover-up again), which can be your excuse for purchasing something from Anthropologie that’s probably going to get thrown in the bottom of your beach bag or used to cover your face while you’re laying in the sun. You can also totally get away with wearing this in a couple of different social settings, so when drinks at the pool turn into an all day event, you won’t look like a Jersey Shore cast member wherever you go.

Embroidered Off The Shoulder Cover Up Anthropologie

6. Isabell Blue Chambray Shift Dress From Tobi

So you felt really good when you went to the beach, but then you caught a whiff of fried dough and obviously had to get some. Enter this chambray shift dress. It will literally solve all of your problems. (It might solve like, two or three of your problems. But that’s still pretty good.) Any shift dress that gives you the chance to show off your bikini top is perfect for creating optical illusions, aka showing off your boobs and hiding your food baby.

Isabell Blue Chambray Shift Dress

7. Lira Marina Off-The-Shoulder Romper From PacSun

If we’re being honest here, (which, duh, we always are) the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this romper cover up was “that looks like a nightmare to pee in.” The second thought was “that’s gonna give me weird tan lines,” but I promise that “I actually really like that” was definitely number three.

PacSun Lira Marina Off The Shoulder Romper

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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